Saturday, 6 August 2011


I quickly turned to wikis once I realised that my hands were tied on VLEs administrated by bods I rarely had access to, so frantically trying to deal with all the school's IT issues as they were. Wikis are great because you can administer them quickly and easily, moderate learners' usage and they are very straightforward to use. It's fairly easy to get a decent web address from them and they incorporate many useful features such as discussion forums, email notifications, embed media, polls etc. Not to mention that you can plug in most 3rd-party apps to make the whole experience that more engaging. Learners can have complete ownership of their pages, and the ability to revert to an earlier edition of a page means there is no fear of losing data through a careless click. 
On the downside, storage space usually fills up pretty quickly meaning you end up hosting documents elsewhere. All-in-all though, this is my top choice for project units, particularly when working with other schools. One I use regularly is Wikispaces - give it a go or suggest an alternative by leaving a comment.

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