Saturday, 20 August 2011

Easy Notecards

Easy Notecards is a great place to make flashcards on any topic. There is already a substantial library on there, with some based on books of all kinds, and you can edit your own sets easily and for free. I just got an email this morning from the developer to say that you can now embed the flashcards in a blog, website or VLE which is a very useful addition and the one that will finally encourage me to use them regularly.

  • Create flashcard sets to review learning on any topic - learners can review both sides of the cards to revise, then test themselves by using only one side and trying to recall the accompanying information. Embed on your school website, wiki or VLE for easy access.
  • Flashcards provide a disguised method of 'drilling' which some learners really need to retain information. Use Easy Notes to create flashcards on key points or where you notice learners finding difficulty in retaining information after assessments.
  • Paraphrase difficult concepts on one side with the original (technical?) explanation on the opposite side and direct learners to test themselves or create their own.
  • Use as a competitive game where one team has to write the other side of the flashcard when it is displayed. Encourage collaboration and peer support by insisting on a minimum time for discussion of ideas and final answer.
  • Encourage learners to create their own flashcards to review and revise for assessments. They can share and swap these to help each other.
  • Use the quiz mode to encourage self-assessment among learners. After completing the quiz, direct learners into groups or pairs for some peer-teaching. After all, they learn best from each other.
If you've any more ideas on how to use Easy Notes, please leave your comments below.

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