Saturday, 6 August 2011


I really like the idea of Sophia. Although there are numerous sites in existence for teachers to share resources with each other, I've not seen one as polished as this that allows learners themselves to access learning 'packets' independently and at no cost. It's based on the idea of a social network exclusively for learning. While I don't think it really follows the model of the likes of Facebook and MySpace, it does allow teachers to create units of learning by incorporating multimedia elements from off and online. As a learner you can create study groups from your learners, and as a learner you can invite friends to study particular topics with you.

  • Use Sophia as a tool for promoting independence among your learners when completing homework tasks
  • Try upside down instruction and use lesson time for application of new knowledge and to iron out any difficulties
  • Challenge your learners to create or improve upon a negotiated topic related to your unit of work
  • Use as a tool for differentiation by guiding learners to packets which meet their needs; adapt existing packet to provide levels of difficulty

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