Saturday, 20 August 2011


This useful tool allow you to make a video of what's happening on your computer screen for up to 15 minutes. Screencast-o-Matic requires no downloads or installers and is really very simple to use. A microphone will enable you to record your voiceover at the same time, should you wish to include audio instruction.

  • Use SoM to record steps of how to access programs & documents or navigate to particular areas of websites or VLEs for the less IT-savvy learners in your class - much clearer than screenshots
  • Record yourself completing an assignment (or part of an assignment) while 'thinking out loud' to guide learners through the process of getting started, writing and editing; if it is longer than 15 minutes, you can record episodes for each stage.
  • Learners can use SoM to peer teach (for example) using particular programs for certain school tasks.
  • For subjects using the Facebook idea (as seen below) SoM will be useful for recording Facebook updates for literary, historic or scientific characters.

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