Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Storymaker

This is a fun site, especially for those learners that struggle with a blank page. They choose their character, location, theme etc and the program guides them in writing their story by asking questions about the objects they have chosen to include. The resulting stories may well be off-the-wall, but I suspect this is a great motivator. NB Stories are only stored online for one month, so they must be printed or saved to pdf before the time expires or they will lose their stories forever.

  • Use it with kids who say they have no ideas to get started.
  • Take a range of the elements from the program, and get kids to collaboratively produce a story. They can then work individually on this program to produce their own written version.
  • Completed stories can be printed off and displayed or kept. Alternatively, the story reference number can be shared to allow others to access the story online.

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