This site started life as my attempt to share great ICT resources that I came across. As time has progressed, I've realised there are others who have more time to commit to this, and therefore do it better. So, this blog has morphed into a place for me to reflect on my teaching and consider the perspectives I gain from the many things that drop into my world through subscriptions, discussions, professional learning experiences or otherwise.

I started out in the UK. I've taught in a few places within Europe and Asia, and I'm currently located in Vietnam. I've taught English in all its variations from ESOL to Literature, Business English to GCSE, A-Level and IB. From teeny 3-year-olds through surly teens and right up to septuagenarians, I've met most stages of life in my classroom. I've co-ordinated ICT and Drama in English, run and helped to run departments, published online and offline teaching resources, and I am an unrepentant learning addict.

I currently work in a school where each learner has their own MacBook, so I have no issues with accessing computers, although I doubt I'll ever lose sympathy with those who do. Apple's great, but I try to keep up with all the exciting developments in open source resources too.

I'm a huge fan of Google Apps for Education, and think their products have limitless applications in my classroom, so I'm always trying out new things, but never at the expense of learning or for the sake of following fads. I firmly believe these resources need to be integrated into lessons thoughtfully, not just as a novelty or distraction from real learning and I have no fear of pen & paper when it suits the learning.

I created this site for me, and I'm happy to share it, but it is mainly for my own development. I'm open to criticism (though I'm not looking for it) so if you have any comments, queries or suggestions, contact me.
All the views expressed on this blog are my own. They are not reflective of any institution or employer (past or present).