Saturday, 20 August 2011


Chatzy is a cool little tool that allows you to create free, private chatrooms. There is no download, and it can be customised in terms of password access, colours, notifications etc. There is a premium option available, but the free version is fully functional with a relatively unobtrusive ad banner. This type of instant, real-time chat is often much more engaging than discussion threads that can peter out after the initial novelty has worn off. Chatzy is great for using for specific short-term chats in particular - for example, immediately after a unit of work has been completed or just before an assignment is due.

  • Create a long-term chatroom specifically for learners to drop into for support and advice with their learning tasks & assignments. You can then review this periodically to see what type of content or concepts learners are struggling with on a regular basis. Great for AfL!
  • Use a chatroom to facilitate discussion around previous learning or personal goals for future learning
  • Chatzy provides a platform for all learners to contribute to co-construction of learning, confident in the knowledge that once they type in their views, they will be read and considered by all
  • This style of chat is perhaps less intimidating for learners when asking them for feedback around a particular topic
  • Learners can create their own chatrooms to have online mini-conferences when working together from a distance - consider its usefulness in inter-school collaboration

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