Friday, 5 August 2011


If you haven't tried Edmodo yet with your learners, now's the time. It's Facebook-style interface means that learners feel immediately at home in this environment. The initial surprise and delight of my learners when they first logged in was palpable and throughout the course they regularly communicated with minimal instruction from me. In order to stop the learning-related comments being interspersed with chit-chat I created a room for this purpose, which they made good use of. Revisiting the site months later, I realised that some had even continued to use it to ask questions about other subjects so this is a real motivational winner. On the downside, the front page is not static as it is filled with the latest posts from the group - just like Facebook, but other than that, it's ace. Free registration, unlimited free storage, comment moderation - what's not

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