Monday, 12 September 2011

Types of Film Shots

One of my classes is preparing for a festival of short film. In preparation, they are creating storyboards to plan the shots so they need to be familiar with the different types of camera angles. Using Easy Notecards, I created a set of cards using images from this website. I use them in the following way:

  1. Learners have 10 minutes to individually view 'both sides at once' and take notes on the different camera angles.
  2. They then view 'front side only' or 'back side only' (depending on their learning style) and see if they can name or sketch the shot.
  3. Any that they get wrong they should make a note of and use the view 'both sides at once' to revisit the definition.
  4. In pairs, learners can then test each other by sketching and asking their partner to name the shot, or by giving the name of a shot and asking their partner to draw it.
  5. The notecards can be accessed at home for further revision, but I follow this up by watching a film extract or short commercial to see if they can name the shots in practise before creating their own storyboards.

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