Thursday, 29 September 2011


Bitstrips is a very simple and visually-appealing comic strip creation tool. You can create characters and then place them against a range of backgrounds to start your story. There is a subscription-based school version that offers collaborative features but the standard version is free.


  • Create your own strips to introduce a topic or place static messages on your VLE, blog, wiki etc.
  • Use strips from the gallery as story prompts or create your own
  • Learners can explore characters, historical figures, scientific discoveries etc. by creating their own comic strips enacting scenes from literature, history etc.
  • Use as an assessment tool where learners creatively demonstrate their understanding of a topic by creating a strip to show what happened / what the character is like / how to solve this problem etc.
  • Present Math problems in a visual way as in this example
  • English teachers can encourage writers to create multimedia stories using strips to move the story along
  • Learners can create characters and stories for the school magazine or newspaper, using episodes to keep their readers coming back for more
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