Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dushare File Sharing

At least once a week I have the situation where a learner or colleague is trying to send me a file but can't find a memory stick or get Bluetooth to connect. Enter Dushare. Use the simple interface to select a file to share in real time. Send the provided code to the person/people you wish to receive the file and click send. It couldn't be easier. You can even chat while you're waiting for the transfer to complete. There is no hosting; the file is simply read from your computer, coded and sent over the web to the receiver as you wait. There is a 'password protect' option for added security. No limits on file sizes - very handy!


  • Direct learners to the site when they want to share files on a project
  • Easily share files with learners in real time as and when needed

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