Friday, 9 September 2011

Dvolver Moviemaker

Dvolver is an award-winning site that has been around for a few years (previously known as Dfilm).
Although the options are limited, the pay-off is that the interface is very simple. It's very user-friendly and even younger learners can create short animated movies in a few minutes (as long as they can type). The options are limited
Each animation is only about 30-60 seconds long, involving 2 characters, but with a bit of imagination, you can stitch together the short episodes to make an engaging mini-movie.
The results can be embedded into wikis, sites, VLEs, blogs etc.
WARNING: Some of the plots may be deemed unsuitable for particular groups so review the options yourself beforehand and direct learners to appropriate content.

  • Learners can create animations to express their understanding of a topic, theme, character etc.
  • Use the animations on your website to introduce topics, give instructions or welcome learners
  • Use as an optional genre for a class/year group/school film festival
  • When practising media skills, direct learners to storyboard and plan their animations - the results will be of better quality than creating them 'on the fly'. Here is a handy planning document below (see footer for credits or download from original website by clicking here). Check the sheet to make sure it reflects the current choices on the site.

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