Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Google Search Stories

Be warned - Search Stories is highly addictive! You use the various types of Google Searches to create a short story complete with soundtrack. At first I didn't quite 'get it' but after watching the videos and giving it a tentative try, I realised that not only is it extremely easy to use, but can be used in the classroom as a creative tool. Watch this Search Story video to get the idea.

When you've got the gist of it, click here to get started.


  • Learners use Search Stories to summarise the main points of a narrative, historical event or any other period of time
  • Create your own 'teaser trailers' to a topic or theme
  • Learners create Search Stories as if they were a character from history, politics, literature, science etc and their classmates have to identify who it is
  • Use as part of a multimedia project to add an extra dimension to presenting information
Add your ideas in the comments below!

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