Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Books Should be Free! contains hundreds of downloadable audio books (mp3, iPod, iTunes) searchable by genre, author, title, language etc. What distinguishes it from similar services such as Librivox is that it aims to be a mainly visual experience assuming that those looking for audio books are not that keen on reading lots of text - seems to make sense. Books are copy-free and can be shared without any restrictions.


  • When doing a class novel, use the audio versions and save your voice
  • Learners have the freedom of reading in smaller groups or individually while listening to these audio files; as they are copy-free there is no restriction on taking them home and keeping them forever
  • Great for emerging and EAL learners as they can listen to decipher the pronunciation of unfamiliar words
  • Create gap-fill exercises to test listening skills
  • Use extracts for dictogloss activities

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