Monday, 12 September 2011

Lyrics Training

This site is good. I mean really, really good. Years ago I remember stopping & starting the tape recorder to transcribe the lyrics in order to create engaging language lessons. takes the hard work out of using modern, popular songs to teach language. If you're not convinced about using songs in the classroom, have a look at this article from There are songs in various languages so good for the EAL/ESL classroom as well as other language classrooms.

  • Use the site to find songs fitting in with your current topic or language focus and use as an introductory activity; maximum engagement guaranteed!
  • Introduce learners to the site and encourage them to visit on a regular basis; I have found that learners rarely need to be pushed to find out the lyrics of their favourite songs
  • The different levels of activities offer differentiation; learners can work their way up from beginner if they are lacking confidence or skills
  • Challenge your learners to create their own similar exercises based on the ideas they see on the site
  • Use the 'Karaoke' version to get your learners singing along and memorising lots of useful language
Thanks to Martin Nayman for contributing this site to the blog.

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