Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stixy Virtual Notice Board

Stixy takes the idea of a noticeboard with lots of sticky notes and makes it virtual. You can invite others to view and/or edit your Stixy meaning you have complete control over privacy and who you are working with. It is very easy to add photos, text, documents and even to-do lists to help organise your work.


  • Learners can use Stixy to plan stages of a project together
  • Groups can research topics together and collect their findings on a Stixy board
  • For writing, learners could be given different elements of plot, character etc to rearrange and prompt their own story ideas
  • Create a Stixy where learners have to organise information according to time, topic, type etc.
  • MFL learners could use as a visual dictionary, organising their Stixy boards by topic or theme

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