Saturday, 3 March 2012

ESOL Courses

Esolcourses offers free content for learners of English including song gap-fills, IELTS preparation, vocabulary and listening practise. Although the site is rather UK-centric, there are lots of materials on here that any learner or teacher of English language could make use of. The visual nature of the activities may be suitable in some SEN contexts too.


  • Explore the site's different areas to find materials tailored to individual needs; great for personalised learning whether it's reading, writing, listening or speaking that's the focus
  • Direct learners to the site for independent study; it shouldn't take too much encouragement to complete quizzes on popular music from artists like Adele, The Beatles and Whitney Houston and immediate feedback is given for responses
  • The Signs & Symbols picture quizzes are great for developing visual literacy

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