Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Sidevibe is a useful tool which is now totally free making it eligible for a slot on this blog. It takes the idea of a shared notepad that floats on top of webpages and enhances it with the ability to add links, discussions, prompts and much more. Other tools might be alternatives to some of the features, but it negates the need to click between two media e.g. a webpage and a note-taking tool, thereby saving time and keeping the 'flow' of work going.

Having a test-run with it, I found out that it is not currently supported by Chrome or the latest version of Safari so you'll have to use another browser such as Firefox or Explorer when creating 'vibes.'

Here's an intro below which gives an overview, but really you need to go and experiment with it yourself, and perhaps explore the forums, before its potential applications become fully clear.

Sidevibe can be used for many activities; below are just a few:

  • turn any webpage into an online activity by providing questions or instructions to follow when visiting a specific URL;
  • collaboratively collate websites related to a topic;
  • prove discussion / thinking prompts for a webpage containing any type of media from print to video;
  • take notes on a research topic as learners move through various websites;
  • structure / plan / write an assignment with the criteria / rubric open on the page in front of them;
  • receive immediate feedback at the side of a presentation by using Sidevibe as a backchannel.

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