Sunday, 4 March 2012

More Flipping Videos for School is another great resource for videos for use in or out of the classroom. The content, from a range of faculties (see below), can be used to complement lessons or as another resource for flipping your classroom. Having explored the English section, I've already bookmarked several videos that I can make immediate use of - really worth taking at least 10 minutes to have a look through to see what you can make use of. The great thing about this site is it is aimed at schools so competent learners should find the content relevant and accessible.


  • Many of the faculties include videos on the differences between given subjects at school and university to prepare learners for their academic futures
  • Sections are available for A-Level, University and Careers so learners can explore the relevance of and resources for particular subjects in those contexts
  • Mini-lectures on specific topics abound, from how to form a convincing argument (English) to an exploration of obedience to authority (Psychology)
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