Saturday, 17 March 2012

Inanimate Alice

If you're looking for something really different to engage your learners, Inanimate Alice is a fictional hypertext novel following a young girl as she grows up and relocates to various places around the world, beginning in China with her parents. The story is episodic and requires various levels of interaction although the whole experience is an on-screen one.

There are suggestions for how to get started with this in the classroom, but you can also register for access to a much more comprehensive educational pack containing lessons plans of a full exploration of the genre.

The video below introduces the novel as one teacher gives an overview of her "epiphany."


  • Use with younger teens to give them a new way of experiencing texts and use as a model for creating their own
  • I see this having applications for post-16 courses such as English Language A-Level and IB; the educational pack explores the idea of multi-sensory, multimedia texts so it's a very guided route into this genre for those who are unsure or just looking for some additional materials to add to their repertoire
  • The cross-curricular links to be exploited make this a potential project to span several subject areas

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