Saturday, 17 March 2012

Whodunnit? A Forensics Unit of Work

The brilliant TeachersFirst has developed a unit of work around forensic investigations of a crime scene which "has been designed with an emphasis on laboratory activities." There are 20 45-minute lessons in all and they're targeted at Key Stage 3 (UK) or Grades 6-8 (US). They claim to be "appropriate for general science, science-technology-society (STS), or biotechnology classes." It seems to be very customisable by adding in or personalising particular aspects so it could be used for higher levels too. Some of the suggested applications are:

  • an introduction to the scientific method, the microscope, laboratory procedures, and maintaining laboratory notes.
  • an introduction to genetics and DNA.
  • an application of DNA technology
  • an "in between" unit before or after a vacation
  • an end of the year final unit.

I'm already wondering if it could be more cross-curricular by including an investigation into detective fiction. Check it out here.

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