Thursday, 15 March 2012


Zooburst is one of the most exciting story-telling tools I'm using at the moment. It is not new but since its 2010 launch it has been developing bit by bit and today it offers a pretty unique and exciting product. I could say Zooburst is a platform that allows you to make your own virtual pop-up books, and I'd be telling the truth, but that would be massively understating its potential. Have a look at the 2 minute video below and be blown away.

  • Zooburst allows you to create 3D pop-up books that you can use your mouse to navigate 360 north, south, east and west. Zoom around and over the story before coming up behind one of the characters or to the front door of a house. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.
  • You can upload your own pictures to include in your story or use any from the well-stocked library that's already there so it's possible to produce not only stories but also scientific presentations, historical reports, geographical tours etc.
  • Add text to pages, as well as speech bubbles that can be clicked for interactivity and exploration to add another engaging dimension to the experience.
  • It's great for collaborative projects as there are different elements to be planned out from the storyboard to the text to the images used as well as the thought/speech points and finally putting it all together and presenting it.
  • Zooburst uses augmented reality which means that if you have a webcam you can view the virtual book floating in front of your very face and all you have to do is wave a hand to turn the page. Brilliant for storytelling and learners literally gasp in delight - even the older ones!

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