Saturday, 24 March 2012

Stay Focused - Bye to distractions

This week, one of my learners asked me in her blog how she could self-manage her tendency to go onto sites such as Facebook when sitting down to do some work. It reminded me of an extension I'd read about a while back called Stay Focused. For those using Chrome as a browser (and why would you use anything else?), you can set time limits for particular websites and once the time has elapsed you will not be able to return to that site until the following day. The settings in Stay Focused can be customised so you can wean yourself off hours wasted on social networking or gaming sites.

The great thing about Stay Focused is it allows learners to set their own limits, thereby increasing their independence. If they're mature enough to realise they have a problem, why not give them the tool to sort it out, rather than resorting to teacher or parent monitoring?

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