Friday, 7 October 2011

Zimmer Twins Movie Making

Zimmertwins allows you to create movies in literally no more than a few minutes. The twins, Edgar and Eva are joined by their cat (13) and a range of actions, locations, props and facial expressions are available to create your very own animated movie. Soundtracks are automatically included to reflect the mood of the situation. Although talking is not a feature, speech and thought bubbles are available to add on if required. A very intuitive film-making tool that even younger learners will have few problems mastering.


  • Direct learners to create animations which explain concepts in a topic, whatever your subject
  • Encourage collaboration by giving learners the situations and possible actions to storyboard before making their movie
  • Use the starters to support learners who struggle for ideas in story creation
  • Create your own movies to introduce concepts or topics and embed on your online learning space
  • Language learners can create foreign language stories
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