Saturday, 1 October 2011

Twurdy Search Engine

The creators of Twurdy were driven to produce this search engine because search results often produce websites which are simply too wordy ('twurdy', get it?) for many of our learners, and possibly ourselves. By entering a search term into their engine, you get a list of results from Google categorised (by shades of colour) by their readability. Easier to read, or less wordy, results appear paler in colour than their less readable counterparts which appear darker. It is an algorithm-based search, rather than a human-moderated one, so expect some anomalies, but overall a very useful way of sifting through the web to find more accessible content.


  • Introduce learners to the different searches they can perform to help them find the quickest way to accessible websites
  • Use in planning to locate content that can be used in lessons
  • Very useful for projects where learners are doing a lot of independent research
  • EAL learners will benefit from the shaded coding in finding sites they can understand

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