Monday, 31 October 2011


This tool from Delib may not be breathtakingly original, but the way it is presented is certainly more engaging that any other 'argument map' that I've come across. The philosophy behind it is well-explained on the site, but basically it encourages people to consider an issue and then provide supportive logic for that viewpoint. It's quite limited in that it only allows for 3 supporting points to be made, but as a starting point for debate, it's intuitive, quick and well-structured enough to get even slow-starters off the mark. Here's an example of one I made in less than 5 minutes.


  • Great for preparing groups for debate on any topic such as theology, history, science etc - just give them the topic and let them work up an aMap with supporting arguments
  • Use as a writing frame for learners who need support in structuring their persuasive writing
  • In analysing literature, learners can plan out their ideas using aMap e.g. 'Is the writer's use of [literary technique here] effective?'

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  1. And here is a creative thinking pack for teachers from aMap: