Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ahead Presentation Tool

At first glance, Ahead might seem like just another version of Prezi, and for some users it will be, but there are some key differences which make it better for advanced users and those who wish to push the boundaries of what a non-linear presentation can do including the ability to use a wider range of file types in the final product.

The actual website for Ahead is itself a presentation so perhaps visiting it will give a clear idea of how it works and the possibilities.


  • Use as a much more interactive alternative to Powerpoint and Keynotes
  • Learners can complete and present entire projects digitally - great for PBL!
  • Present information on a topic in a way that lets learners experience it at their own pace
  • Create topic 'sites' containing information about an upcoming course, units of learning etc.
  • Learners can create multimedia stories (English?) or reports (History?)

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