Saturday, 1 October 2011


Vocaroo is a very handy tool for recording your voice straight to the web. Although it's still in beta phase (i.e. under development) a quick test revealed no problems. The resulting audio can be linked to, embedded or emailed.


  • Learners can create podcasts around a given topic & upload them to your school web space for sharing
  • Create audio instructions to add to a website, wiki, VLE or blog
  • Mix up information delivery by adding this to your online toolkit
  • Language teachers can use to demonstrate pronunciation of words or phrases; these can be embedded beside visual prompts and text
  • Learners can record themselves in a discussion and then listen again to assess themselves for participation, contribution, clarity etc.; they can invite others to comment by embedding the audio in their blog or emailing it to peers
  • English groups can create and record audio dramas and share them easily

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