Monday, 27 February 2012

Switcheroo Zoo

Switcheroo Zoo is bound to be a hit with your young learners, but I'm already thinking up ways to use it with my teens. The site contains lots of activities related to animals and their habitats. It's a mine of useful information, but the fun starts in the 'Switch Zoo' where it's possible to create new animals from the composite parts of existing ones. Here's a picture of my 3-minute creation: Bengal Gizard!

  • Learners can mix up their own animals and then use the animal facts to write profiles for their creations - let their imaginations soar as they practise their writing skills
  • Build a habitat most suitable for the animals met on the site
  • Let learners take a guided tour to find out more about the animal kingdom
  • Use as part of a larger project where learners create a world using Terragen and then visit this site to populate their planets

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