Friday, 3 February 2012

The Learning Network from NY Times

The Learning Network from this popular newspaper is jam-packed with teaching resources and materials. From lesson plans to discussions, it is worth exploring to see what you can find to enhance teaching and learning in your own context.


  • Sign up to receive weekly lesson plans for your subject area via email; a different learning area each day
  • Access the Lesson Plans categorised by subject area
  • Use the Test Yourself page to improve vocabulary in a quick 3-minute activity
  • Guide your over-13s to express their thoughts on Student Opinion
  • Use the Poetry Pairings to get your learners making links between the creative medium and the world around them
  • Have groups take part in the Reading Club to extend their exposure to non-fiction readings and other media
  • History groups may be interested in following On this Day as a starting point for any lesson
  • The daily News Quiz could be used to encourage the skills of skimming and scanning large quantities of text
  • The Student Crossword page has printables organised by topic
  • In collaboration with SnagLearning, there is also a page of Film Documentaries on various world events

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