Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Make Music: Jam, Incredibox & Ambient Mixer

Incredibox is aptly named and highly addictive. Add up to seven human 'beatboxers' and allocate them a riff to produce. The best way to learn about it is to give it a go here but make sure you haven't left anything on the stove before you do. Alternatively, you could watch the fruits of someone else's labour and click on the video below.

Jam with Chrome: Start by choosing an instrument from a range of string, brass and drums before inviting up to 4 friends to do the same for a jamming session. The video below explains more.

And finally, there's Ambient Mixer where you can combine and edit professionally produced sounds to create your own soundtracks.

  • With these four tools (along with Soundation), there's no longer a need to worry about finding copy-free music for projects; allow learners to create their own
  • Create ambient music to change the mood and pace of parts of your lessons
  • Use as part of a dramatic production; another way to allow learners to contribute with their own creativity
  • Use produced pieces as inspiration for free writing or discussion

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