Sunday, 4 November 2012

Concept to Classroom: A Series of Workshops

Professional learning programs which demand that all teachers sit in a designated space at a fixed time and listen to a day of lectures (or if you're slightly more fortunate - participate in workshops) from externally-hired 'experts' is pretty much the norm in many schools. How this is justified given the massive drive toward personalisation in learning is something of a mystery, but the wealth of material available online to support personal professional learning goals means that we can set the direction of our learning and use these tools to support us.

The screenshot below shows the options for workshops offered by one such source - ThirteenEd.

"The site features a series of FREE, self-paced workshops covering a wide variety of hot topics in education. Some of the workshops are based in theory, some are based in methodology - but all of the workshops include plenty of tips and strategies for making classrooms work."

All the courses have been designed by recognised experts, and the site provides justification for each course being accredited by your school's PL director. Having received positive feedback from a colleague on their 'Inquiry Based Learning' module, I feel justified in recommending it as a source for exploring chosen aspects of education. And anything that helps us escape that lecture hall model can only be good, right?

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