Saturday, 9 June 2012

PBL: Getting Started with Project-Based Learning

I've blogged about a few resources for the PBL classroom, which can be found in these search results, but a recent forum discussion and a chat with a colleague made me realise that not everyone is clear about PBL; many have the impression that it is simply incorporating projects into learning, but it rather more involved than this traditional classroom phenomenon. I intend to incorporate the elements that I find most suited to my learners such as the 'real world' focus and it complements my move toward thematic planning, providing a wealth of ideas to get started. My post on BIE is still a good place to start for those who are in the dark, but below are a few other resources that should make the ideas behind PBL a bit clearer, not least to myself!

Resource 1
Got 3 minutes and 50 seconds? This video from BIE explains what PBL is:

Like this? There are lots more on the BIE Youtube Channel and their project search tool on the right-hand side of this page is a great way to see what potential projects look like.

Resource 2 
Got a bit more time? Click here to access the Project-Based Learning Professional Development Guide from Edutopia.

Resource 3
Ready to get serious? Click here to access TechLearning's 25+ links to uncovering PBL online.

Hopefully, these resources provide a clearer picture of PBL in its purest form as well as the various ways it can be 'diluted' to suit other models of learning. Many professional forums, including those on the sites above, have threads around this topic, so jump in and join the discussion.

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