Friday, 29 June 2012

Launching the Change

Recently my department decided to move away from the traditional 6-week focus on poetry, prose, media etc toward thematic planning. As a result of this I started looking into different teaching models (even more) and soon realised that taking the best of all the great ideas out there is what I think will work for me. I already 'flip' a bit and thematic planning paired with PBL is one powerful way to get learners thinking...I mean really thinking.

The inquiry-based nature of both these models, the potential for collaboration across subjects (and schools) as well as genuinely useful real-world outcomes has convinced me that this is the way to go. So, in a bid to be as prepared as possible, I've taken several steps including:
  • returning to Edmodo to find it is without a doubt the most support and helpful online teaching community I've ever had the luck to find; 
  • registering for the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher program so I can partake in the project with much guidance; 
  • using the BIE site as a launchpad for really getting to grips with PBL; 
  • registering on the upcoming PBLU courses also run by BIE and 
  • launching this Ways to Learn site to gather all the info I find. 

So far I've had an overwhelmingly positive response to my callout for classrooms to collaborate resulting in a group of 5 of us who will be working closely in the next academic year. With teachers from the US and Australia I am hopeful that the learners will be as excited as I am about what comes next.

I am interested to see how successful we will be as there are many obstacles to be overcome but as most of us are one-to-one I'm hoping that the pace will be maintained and learners will be fully engaged throughout. Lots to do before then though so let's see!

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