Monday, 30 January 2012


Oolone is a search engine that provides results as a preview of the pages it finds. It gives a very clear shot of each page with a title at the top. Below are the results of a search for 'persuasive language' so you can judge the results for yourself. If you hover your mouse over any of the screenshots on Oolone, it will enlarge them so you can even read the text before deciding if it is worth clicking through. Wanring: unlike some other search engines, it won't make a guess at what you might mean with misspellings, so make sure you've typed what you want to find accurately. 

The visual presentation of results, with descriptions, can speed up locating the type of information you are looking for as you don't have to open each result to see what it contains; great for any type of research, project work and good even for looking up definitions of words.

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