Thursday, 26 January 2012

Free Math Help

Free Math Help is a great place for those struggling with Math who either can't or won't get help from the usual sources. Not only are there are range of explanations but at any given time the live chatbox function allows learners to interact with others to get help. If nobody's available, they can always head over to the discussion forums and leave a message. Live chat requires sign-up but otherwise membership is not a requirement to access the site.


  • Learners can use this site as an additional source of help with their Math issues; particularly useful for promoting learner independence
  • You could assign particular Math concepts to individuals, groups or pairs; they then access the site to learn about the problem before peer-teaching their classmates
  • If you work in time to your lessons to allow learners to work on their personal Math targets, this site would be useful for supporting their learning so they don't need to depend on the teacher being available when they run into difficulties

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