Sunday, 16 September 2012

PL Overload?

So, the PBLU course is finally yielding some interesting assignments for which I have to engage my grey matter...and it's challenging! With a return to work (albeit part-time) and the FCCT course underway, I am well and truly feeling the pressure. Add to this the maintenance of collaboration ties with several schools in the US and I'm definitely working no less intensely than this period last year when I was a full-timer.
In my enthusiasm to get on board with the Flat Classroom Project, I somehow read, but did not digest, the fact that this is a Masters-level course. Having completed an MA in Education, I had previously stated that I was done with adding such a study load to my work load and look at me now. But I am enjoying it. The workaholic in me lives on...
For the FCP we've been considering 'Communication' and we were grouped into 4s to give Quadblogging a go. I've never participated in such a venture and it'll be interesting to see what results it yields. The asynchronous mode of working is not exactly new to me, but the absolute lack of time to chat in the gaps is. As this is what the learners will be doing on the project (CCA starts tomorrow!) I guess it's only fair that we go through the process ourselves and it'll be a useful learning experience I'm sure.
Having completed 2 of the PBLU courses, I was feeling rather underwhelmed by it all but quite smug to see how far along the inquiry-based learning route our school already is. However, today's assignment which asked, 'How do you assess 21st Century skills such as critical thinking?' made me stop and wonder. In all honesty, I am guilty of talking about these skills a lot and expecting my learners to employ them but I have not once included assessment of these explicitly on a rubric or otherwise. What an oversight! So definitely some learning for me today.
Conference 2 is tomorrow so I still have reading to do and it's not exactly skim-reading material so time to get back to it. More soon (if I haven't cracked...)

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