Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Result! Thinglink Gadget for Google Sites

After a very frustrating couple of days, the kind Andrew of Thinglink has produced a gadget to embed Thinglink images into Google Sites.

Instructions (Open your Google page before reading):
  1. Go to the Google Sites page where you want to place image and click 'edit'
  2. Click 'insert' and choose add gadget.
  3. Add a 'Gadget by URL'
  4. Enter the URL:
  5. Enter the embed code from the Thinglink image where the box is
  6. Save the page to see what it looks like; you may have to fiddle with the height and width settings depending on your image dimensions
  • Use embedded Thinglinks as a navigation menu on the splash page of your site. (Thanks to Holly for this one.)
  • Learners can use Thinglink to draw together information on a topic using a relevant image; as it's a collaborative tool, you can allow anyone to edit and add tags.
  • Learners could make a map of place that a story takes place in and then embed different media at certain locations as a way to experiment with experiencing narrative in different ways.
  • Science could set up a murder scene with tags leading to various clues or English/Language Arts teachers could do the same as a starting point for imaginative writing.

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