Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Synctube: Bring together Media from all over the Internet

 Synctube is a free service that enables users to create their own 'rooms' in which they can place media from all over the web, including videos, music, documents and more. You can make your room as private or public as you want, meaning you have control over how few or many people have access to your room. Once in the room, there is a chat box for viewers to discuss what they are watching. WARNING: Be very careful if directing learners to this site as there are chats taking place with highly inappropriate language. If your room is open to the public, anyone can access the chat feature so consider this before sharing.

  • Bring together media for a particular topic in one place, without having to worry about storage space; learners can then access the room and browse the contents.
  • For explanatory media, the chat function will be most useful for learners asking questions or noting difficult points (much like a backchannel), whether in or out of the classroom.
  • Synctube could be a good place to view Youtube content if it is blocked in your school; try and test before relying on it though!
  • Build a channel of resources every time you teach a particular unit; ask learners to contribute and rate they find most useful.

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