Monday, 14 November 2011

Bibme & Other Bibliography Tools

Bibme is a service which allows you to build a bibliography very easily. While I've been using Easybib up to now, the advantage of Bibme is that it allows for more formats; MLA, APA, Chicago, & Turabian to be exact, compared to the one choice of free format (MLA) offered by Easybib. For those seeking a free Harvard generator, you might like to try


  • Use this service as a simplified way for learners to get used to referencing their sources
  • Bibme includes a range of citations from websites to films, newspapers to journals - learners can see how easy it is to avoid plagiarism by listing their sources appropriately
  • The manual guide on Bibme offers guidance on how to assemble a reference, so the skill of manually creating bibliographic references is not lost

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